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Y halo thar

...long time no see.

I seem to be bad about keeping more than one journal updated. However, since Dreamwidth has a crossposting feature, I can crosspost here as well. So my question is this: Is there anyone that would like me to start doing so? (i.e. someone that reads IJ, does not read LJ or DW, and would be interested in my updates/fic/etc)

Also, if anyone needs or wants a code for DW, let me know; I have plenty.

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Er. Hi?

...Yeah, I totally forgot I had this journal. Oops?

(well, I didn't forget. I just got lazy. re-reviving it is of course a Complete Coincidence that has nothing to do with recent LJ news. *cough*)

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- I totally suck at remembering to post / xpost here. whoops.

+ New keyboard arrived \o/ 'Tis awesomeness.

- ...but will probably take some adjusting to. Heh.

+ Have new mouse to go with it. (Current setup is built-in laptop keyboard with built-in trackpad mouse, but since I'm going to be using a different keyboard, I also needed an actual mouse.)

- ...which will also take some adjustment.

- and the keyboard didn't show up until like 3 or something (*mutter* stupid ups and their inability to pass parcels through closed/locked doors. hmph.), which meant that I didn't get to go out until after that. One of the local tech places was having a sort of mini-tech-faire-plus-free-food thing, only it shut down at like 4ish, and since I did things in order of usefulness to me (mouse > food > looking at tech toys I can't afford) rather than in order of disappearance (vendors > food > store), I didn't end up getting to see much in the way of tech toys

+ but I did get fed

- even if I am INCAPABLE OF EATING without spilling stuff on my shirt *facepalm*

+ and I also got to see Toshiba's ultra-thin laptop, which is way cool. And the screen is flexible! and it's really light, on the order of the MacBook Air, only a "real computer, that you can do stuff on, instead of an accessory". hee.

- even though it does cost two thousand dollars for the basicest model and therefore is kind of not even something I can consider *grin*

+ writing is progressing. sort of.

- ...but really really slowly

+ support hasn't imploded in my absence, nor I in its

- but I still have NFI how to answer "so what do you do?" type questions.

+ I have energy. (both mental and physical.) Still. ...this is, like, ... *flail* I keep waiting for the mood to crash, and the closest I came was pmsing, but then I went zoom back up.

+ this is probably related to the fact that I am (fucking finally) getting off the wellbutrin, since it didn't seem to be doing anything. and given the timing of mood stuff vs medication changes, it may have been actually harmful. or that may just be coincidence.

*bounces off walls*

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Advice re keyboards

So, okay, my current computer setup -- a laptop with a flat built-in keyboard -- is seriously not working. My hands need different angles. Both non-flat-ness (both hands want to have the thumb side a little higher than the pinky side) and non-parallel-ness (neutral angle for both hands has the finger end pointing in and wrist end pointing out).

Ideal would be something I could have on my lap -- which doesn't mean flat on my legs*, but basically means it needs to be solidish -- but I need /something/. Doesn't matter whether it's wireless or usb. PC-compatible, not mac.


* due to restrictions of hip/shoulder/elbow angles, my standard laptop position has the back end of the laptop resting on the desk but the front end on my stomach, so that the keyboard's close enough to touch easily. Basically, I can't reach much farther forward than the level of my hips, and so "on my lap" generally translates to "on my stomach". crappy touchpad-mouse illustration

(xposted from lj)

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States of the Alphabet

State of the Arm (SotA): Mainly only hurts when I try to do things it doesn't want me to do. Like bend my wrist. Which I do rather a lot for typing. *facepalm* (Not that that keeps me off, obviously, I just go "ow ow ow" a lot.) Srsly need to get one of those ergonomic split keyboard things; I don't thinkg the flat laptop keyboard will work any more

State of the Brain (SotB): I swear there are two of me in my head, one the emo depressed whiny annoying miserable me and one a perfectly normal cheerful me. ...or possibly a verging-on-manic me. Need better meds. *bounces off walls*

State of the Crafts (SotC): Retail therapy may be ill-advised, especially when I might be manic, but nevertheless, buying yarn (and also some on-sale beading supply stuff) = happy me. Um. I need to find a better way of organizing my yarn stash, though. Also, I'm kind of wary about doing knitting when my wrist/arm is still acting up, but I have several projects on the theoretical needles.

State of the Deutch (SotD): Honeymoon period with LiveMocha is over now that I've gotten to mistakes in the lessons. Whoops. Okay, time for other methods of learning German. I have some old textbooks I could probably dig out... LM was nice because it was convenient, but if it's confusing (eg providing the same English translation for two different German words, or using two different prepositions for the same picture) and error-prone (mainly in articles) in ways I can tell now, I don't feel like I can really trust it when it gets to stuff I don't know as well. Need good way of learning language kthx.

State of the Everything else (SotE+): Have Plans for spring cleaning, both mental & physical; will post later. Wrist hurts. Tea is a wonderful invention. Uh, think that's about it for now, kthxbye *zoom*

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.....oh dear.

So I sort of went browsing through the other shirts on the site wot had the yarrrrn shirt.



Other shirts:

.........I could /so/ spend way too much money on this site. *closes browser window*

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Best. Shirt. Ever.

Link via [info]mimesere:

(I am sitting on my hands goign OMGWANTNEED but trying to persuade myself that I don't actually /need/ it. Having a five-dollar-off sale ending today is not helping matters much.)

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Last-minute SC reminder

Sweet Charity has 20 hours left. If you've been waiting, don't -- go bid. :)

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Linky link things, & thoughts on clutter

First link via [info]neadods, other links via the wikipedia effect.

56 things you can toss out now. (Your wedding dress. You can say you’ve been saving it for your daughter, but here are three signs that your daughter doesn’t want to wear it: a] she’s already married and wore her own dress, b] she’s been roommates with a woman named Pat for nine years, or c] you don’t have a daughter.)

Power of the purge. (Why surround yourself with “stuff” you don’t use or love? This is what I like to call negative energy. Negative energy manifests itself into chaos, confusion, resentment, unhappiness, discontent, etc, etc, etc.)

The why of clutter. (Decluttering isn’t about redistributing your possessions so they fit better; it is about coming to terms with the issues lurking beneath your stuff.)

10 potent reasons to let go. (Over and over and over and over I have seen the vacuum-abhorring Universe fill the newly-empty space with something sparkly, seen or unseen. That, to me as witness, is joy. And sometimes what comes in to fill the space is a profound sense of peace, or a deep realization or a healing within. How could 16 black cashmere sweaters or 18 sets of dishes compare to that?)

How to get and stay motivated. (According to the Pain/Pleasure Principle, pain is a much greater motivator than pleasure. In other words, we are culturally hardwired to act faster and to do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure.)


So, here's my issue (one of them at least). I have a lot and lot of clutter in my apartment. (I've had people tell me "...what? this is nothing compared to $otherplace", but in large part that's because my floor clutter is minimized /by necessity/ -- because I can't step over piles, and because I can't actually use the floor as a staging area -- and so my effective work area is more cluttered than it looks like to people used to floor clutter.)

I know I need to cut down on the clutter. I /want/ to cut down on the clutter. The problem comes with the Excuses:

1) I might (or definitely will) use this in the future (preparation)
2) This has sentimental value for me (self-guilt)
3) Someone who I like gave this to me (other-guilt)

Mind, on the surface all of these are reasonable. The problem is that they aren't. Especially when it gets taken to extremes:

1a) even though I know I won't [or will not remember I have it when it comes time to use it, or will choose not to use what I have]
2a) even though I never think of it except when I'm sorting things
3a) even though they won't know I've gotten rid of it [and maybe also don't even remember giving it to me]

And yet, even in situations where I know my rationale is absurd, I can't get rid of the things. And I get overwhelmed by how much there is, and blah blah blah.

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Question about journaly things

So, uh, some of you may have noticed that I don't update here all that frequently. (That's partly laziness, partly habit, and partly ... uh ... forgetfulness.)

Some of you may also have noticed that I've started crossposting some of my LJ entries. (When I remember. Which isn't always.)

But here's the thing: some of you are just reading me on IJ. Some of you are crossposting content. Some of you are just reading me on LJ, and only check IJ rarely. Some of you ... have accounts so you can see protected entries, but have since forgotten and so won't even see this entry.

So. As people-who-read-my-IJ-journal, would you prefer me to:

1) crosspost all entries (when I remember), or not?
2) crosspost any fic I write, or not?
3) try to remember to update this journal with actual non-crossposted content, or not?

Hence, poll, which (as the poll creator asked for a name and as I seriously need to be asleep instead of upright) is named George:

Poll #1219 George
Open to: All, results viewable to: All


View Answers

Yes (I only read it here)
2 (28.6%)

Sure (I read it both places, but don't mind seeing it twice)
5 (71.4%)

Don't care
0 (0.0%)

No (I read it on LJ and don't want to read the same stuff here)
0 (0.0%)

No (I don't even read this journal, and in fact am not taking this poll, so neener)
0 (0.0%)

Fic too?

View Answers

Yes (I only read it here)
1 (14.3%)

Sure (I read it both places, but that's what lj-cut is for)
4 (57.1%)

Don't care
2 (28.6%)

Kinda (provide links, but not the fic itself)
0 (0.0%)

Kinda (dude, that's what rss feeds are for)
0 (0.0%)

No (I'll see it on LJ)
0 (0.0%)

No (what the heck is fic, anyway?)
0 (0.0%)

Actual real content that isn't on LJ?

View Answers

Yes (I only read you here)
2 (28.6%)

Sure (I read you both places)
5 (71.4%)

Don't care
0 (0.0%)

No (I mainly read LJ and will miss Exciting Tales)
0 (0.0%)

No (pfft. your content suxx0rs and is boring)
0 (0.0%)

Obligatory TICKY

View Answers

...that's just mean D:
6 (100.0%)

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1) have headache. have had headache for, uh, *eyes clock* four and a half hours now. fun \o/

2) the whole LJ content strike boycott thingie? yeah, not going to bother either way. if I post, I post, if I don't I don't, and it's not because of the strike either way, because the whole thing strikes me as futile -- I don't know that the boycott is widespread enough to register as a blip on their radar even if they do look at daily stats (which I don't think they do) -- and because the whole thing is annoying me. both sides. all sides. *goes over to the "whatever" corner*

3) sweet charity is up to almost $3k. go us. and all my items have bids. (I am firmly ignoring the fact that my things are at the lower end of the bid spectrum. Firmly, I say.)

4) did i mention the headache?

5) also that my arm still hurts?

6) there is no number six

7) for those migrating to IJ, I have an account at [info]isabeau. I don't use it much. Occasionally, like this time (I hope), I remember to crosspost.

8) ...I had more, but I totally forget what. oh well.

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This is a combination "hi I'm still alive" post (which, y'know, I am) and nagging reminder thing.

Most of the people who watch my journal here also watch my LJ journal, but for those that don't (or as a reminder to those that missed it), I have two items up for auction at Sweet Charity:

* a fic offer (minimum-1000-word Supernatural story, though other fandoms are negotiable), currently going for under $10, and

* a knitting offer (one small-to-medium-ish [i.e. no sweaters] knitted item, or pair in the case of gloves/mittens/etc) knitted item), currently going for about $30.

It's for a good cause -- the Writer's Guild Foundation, supporting writers being affected by the WGA strike -- and so I encourage you to go browse through the offers. Bidding on me will be a minor ego boost for me, but bidding on /any/ offer would be totally awesome.

isabeau [userpic]

... I is alive. (Betcha never saw that one coming.)

I also seem to be back into support. Yay. Got demoted to I2, but whatever. ...or, in looking over [info]support, I got entirely demoted and then bumped to I1. Again, whatever; I care more about viewscreened/viewinternal/makeinternal than about approval/summarychange/etc. Also means I don't have to feel guilty about not approving myself ^_^

Um, anyway. Hi. Again. For now. (If anyone's watching...)

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So I've decided to use this as my knitting journal, since I don't really need a reason to create another LJ >_>


projects )

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Still not dead yet

...hip still having problems. Medicine (combination of nortriptyline and neurontin, which are technically an antidepressant and an epilepsy medicine, or something like that, but both are used for nerve pain) is working wonderfully, in the sense that I can sit without hurting, but it's fuzzing up my brain horribly. I'm very distractable, very unfocused, can't concentrate on much of anything, have almost no short-term memory. Long-term memory is okay, but I can, like, be having a conversation, take a momentary break, and completely forget the topic, or go off to make tea and forget what I'm doing by the time I get to the kitchen. Fun stuff.

...still not driving, because of medicine and above-mentioned effects. My car battery's probably dead. (There are enough electronic gadgets to keep a low-level drain on the battery; I've had batteries that go dead after a day or two of not driving, because the batteries sucked, but even non-sucky batteries will be dead if I go long enough without driving it.) Ah well. That's what jumper cables are for.

...still not writing much of anything. Though on the bright side, I figured out what was stalling one of my SPN stories. (Necessarily to the plot, I needed the boys to encounter essentially the same situation two times, spaced several years apart, but I couldn't figure out what was happening in the second situation to make it worth putting in. Knew the second section had to be there, because there's also a third section, but never mind that, but didn't know why. But last night it occurred to me that the first time they don't actually deal with it correctly -- kind of like the shtriga situation from Something Wicked, only different -- which left the second instance for figuring out what it actually is and how to actually deal with it.) Hoping to get this story done before the new season starts. Would also like to get the xover story done, but I seem to have lost momentum on that. is kind of frustrating me; I'm trying to get through the storyline on my furthest-along char (my primary warrior, who was the one I did the preview with; she's finished the norn and charr bits, but is stuck on the GOLEM thingum of the asura line) and the quest I need to do is something that I find impossible to do alone -- it requires defending two different places at once -- and I got horribly frustrated with it and arghdiaf. Plus, there are people that are going "omg eotn is way too easy" and I just want to strangle them, because it makes me feel incompetent for finding it difficult.

...oddly dizzy right now. *headspin* It's kind of like the effect you get in tv/movies where you ... I forget whether it's zooming in while pulling the camera back, or zooming out while pushing the camera in, but it's something along those lines ... and the focus/size of the camera doesn't change but the periphery goes all wonky. Probably a medicine thing. Not problematic, seeing as how I'm sitting down (and seatbelted), just weird.

...and outside's weird too. There's a large wildfire burning in the mountains to the northeast; it's well away from here, but the wind's streaming directly from the fire to here, which means it's horribly smoky outside, a weird thin overcast that makes things weird colors. (There's a kind of orangey light to the sunlight, some of the time, and the shadows are blue.) It was really surreal when I first got up -- I'd had a weird night anyway, and so I get up and it was kind of like immediate-sunrise lighting at 8:30am and I checked various clocks four times to make sure I hadn't gotten up several hours early, and I went o.O for a while until I placed why it was doing what it was doing; it's an effect I knew I'd seen before, but I couldn't place how. I think that's it, in the way of updates? maybe? ...whatever.

...xposted to LJ and IJ, which means some of you will see it twice but whatever.

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...not dead

just kind of feeling like it >_> Pain + painkillers + PMS = me not dealing well with much of anything \o/

cross-posted to LJ and IJ, where (in both places) I've been kind of quiet. (Also, haven't figured out quite what I'm doing with my IJ account. aside from support, heh.)

[... aaaand IJ didn't want to post this. *thpbts in its general direction*]

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... I seem to have a new OC in my head. o.O

whee, writing.

(now if only I can figure out who he is and wtf he wants...)

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Reason I love the local yarn store:

1) Yarn. Okay, that's kind of a gimme, but, y'know. yaaaarn. *purrs*

2) I can actually get in. (The old yarn store, which is closing, was on the second floor of a place without an elevator. This is on the third floor, but of a place /with/ an elevator, and the elevator is actually easy to use, and the buttons are easy to reach and everything, and the store's right next to said elevator.)

3) The staff are friendly and helpful and know what they're talking about. Unlike, say, general craft stores what sell yarn, where the workers may not know anything more than "yes we sell yarn". Or snooty yarn stores that expect you to know what you're doing. Or equally snooty yarn stores that assume you know nothing and therefore impose unwanted advice.

4) They are not only willing to help me get stuff if I need it, but are willing to rearrange things (table + chairs) so I can get through. Which on the one hand is kind of a duh -- it's easier to sell things to people if they can get to the things you're selling -- but it's so fucking /rare/.

5) Yarn. What? It's worth stating twice.


Randomly and unrelatedly, the scheduling of the Farscape run amuses the hell out of me. Last week's ep was Die Me, Dichotomy, aka the season two finale. This week's episode is /not/ Season of Death, aka the season three premiere. Instead, it's Premiere, aka the season one premiere. Those who know what happened in DMD will know why this is amusing me so much. (... the fact that I've seen the series is why it's amusing rather than frustrating. hee.)

Also, the B5 Lost Tales DVD thingie has renewed my intense flaily love for Galen. ♥ I need to somehow acquire the Crusade DVDs so I can rewatch them.

[xposted to ij mainly as a test]

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Yes, I'm still here

(and still horribly amused at the fact that I am more active on the support area than on the journal. heh.)

(IJ support is so *cute* though. I mean, it has *Customization*. And *Embedding*. ...and there are all of 22 users with support points, and having 33 points puts me at position 11. As compared with LJ, where position 11 is 18k points, there are 2225 users, and 33 points would be position 557, on page 6.)


For them as a) don't read my LJ (or haven't read it lately) and b) care -- I have fics here (SPN, OC gen), here (SPN, Dean/Cassie gennish), and here (TPM, Obi/Qui).

(note to self: upload more userpics here.)

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LJ is down

...I vaguely wonder how long it will be before the conspiracy theories start popping up.

(well. they probably already have. heh.)

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